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Temperature correction factor

According to physics, any liquid exposed to temperature influence will have influence in volume as well. The more the temperature will increase, the more the liquid fuel volume will expand so it will occupy more space, and vice versa when the temperature will decrease because the fuel will shrink. Most of the liquid fuel counter machines do not detect such expansion or shrinkage of the liquid fuel, counting only the volume of the fuel at the current temperature. By an agreement, the international selling of the fuel solved this problem by applying a temperature correction factor. The FCT did set a standard temperature to sell the fuel which is 15.555 C equal to 60 F. which is not obligatory to transfer to the end user in most countries. That’s why, some companies buy the fuel with a balance ( corrected volume considering the temperature and density) and then sell the fuel in the natural temperature which is not the correct volume if the natural temperature is not 15.555 C or 60 F. the application which you now know all the details you need to know in 2 points of view, how much should be paid or how much should be received. If you receive first , apply FCT then pay later,, or pay first, apply FCT then receive later. If the atmospheric temperature is applied then you will get an approximate result, but if the contact temperature is applied you will get more accurate result. We expect that if the authorities are informed about that, then they will improve it in their countries as other countries have already done (Honduras), the law imposes the FCT for the final consumer. Thereby forming a perfect trinomial in the fuel market. Which the Chilean Holding companies use :

* 1-Safe transportation by Chilean invention called QSO System, Pat. Inv. CL #48311

* 100% delivery quality, from a discharge to another, by Chilean invention called Quality seal ‘MEPD’ S. Pat. Inv. CL #2015-20888.

* Fair amount delivery, considering transfer of FCT in each discharge to end user (customers), using the App mascombustible.

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